Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Art By Resolution

Debra Richie from "Art  By Resolution" is a traditional artist in oil and clay who found digital art by accident in 2006. She's a self trained computer graphic artist who finds joy in creating surreal art and a little bit of fantasy for adults and children. You can take a look at more of Debra's work here or you can treat yourself to one of these exquisite digital prints in her  shop.

Do you think that digital art and traditional oil and canvas art are essentially different or are we only talking about different mediums?

I think we are only talking about different mediums. The same rules of art apply whether you are painting on canvas or creating with digital software. Granted in digital some of the basics like light, cast shadow, depth of field etc are easier to accomplish then painting by hand but if the artist does not know these principles of art, they can just as easily fail in digital as they can with other mediums.

Do you have clear idea of what the final print would look like before you start it or it comes along the way?

Mastering the concept before I begin a piece allows me to see the end result in my head. Subtle changes may take place along the way but the overall concept is already realized in my head or in sketch before I create it digitally or on canvas.

What are your favorite motifs?

Surreal first and foremost including surreal for kids, fantasy and then contemporary.

How does the process of creating children art prints differs from creating art prints for adults?

 Kid surreal art has to appeal almost exclusively to their budding concept of right and wrong and then challenge their eyes to the potential possibility ... for example a tiny elephant in the palm of the hand. They know this is not true in the world but delight in the possibility that it could be.

Who were some of the artists that influenced your work?

Dali, Michael Cheval, Steven Kenny are among the strongest influences.


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    1. It was my pleasure! I'm very glad to discover your artworks.

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